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   hi, i’m kirby, beekeeper and bee advocate. for the past two years i’ve been studying honeybees and their disappearance off our planet. last year i …

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suspicious blue honey found in france…could it be m&m’s


As Luce reported…..the honey is here! Last weekend, the fam suited up to extract the twenty five frames from our hive in order for them to dry out for a week before the true extraction. We brushed each frame off, the ladies kindly obliged frame by frame. Experiencing the major honey crop that we did, it made me realize just how amazing nature is. We didn’t take all of the honey, as the ladies have been working for months on that sugary goodness and need the energy to survive through the winter. But examining every frame and the intricate care that went into constructing the comb was mind-blowing. Raising honeybees has been easily the most amazing natural occurrences I have ever partaken in. The honeybees are incredible.

*video to come!


Beekeeper and her Bees (by KarenWise)

Got to make that honey.. #bees, #honeybees (Taken with instagram)

My #honeybees are going nuts. (Taken with instagram)

Monsanto’s Mon810 corn, genetically engineered to produce a mutant version of the insecticide Bt, has been banned in Poland following protests by beekeepers who showed the corn was killing honeybees. 

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